Jemima Pauler (jem0000000) wrote,
Jemima Pauler

LJI: Sign-Ups Still Open

This morning I got a really cute Calvin and Hobbes post in my inbox (ok, it probably showed up a couple days ago, my roommate's been sick all weekend-ish, but she's much better now) in which Calvin says he's writing a novel about a guy who flips channels on the TV remote, because of course he has to write what he knows. :)

And this... is it really still morning? Apparently so... Gary announced that LJI sign-ups would be extended until next Monday (March 17th) at 7pm. LJ is being wonky and won't let him edit the post to that effect, but don't let that scare you off. If you've got an urge to write what you know, or even what you don't know, this is a great opportunity to write in company with other writers. And it's the last season, so the opportunity won't come around again.

What is LJI? On the surface, a writing contest patterned a bit like a reality show, with all the twists and turns that implies (but mostly without the cameras, unless you bring one yourself). More importantly, it's a community -- a hodgepodge of writers and nonwriters, the easygoing and the competitors, lurkers and super commenters and a lot of people somewhere in the middle. Inevitably, someone will have surgery, someone will have a baby, and a lot of someones will be baking really scrumptious things. There'll be polls, cookies, weird topics, soup, pictures, words, hot tea, super hard topics, amazing topic responses, and did I mention the cookies? Of course, for cookies, you'll have to get there before they're gone.
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