IRL: Ebook Promo -- Fey Publishing

Fey Publishing is trying to raise much-needed funds, primarily for the purchase of ISBNs and other necessary costs of producing ebooks (such as cover designs, editors, etc). As such, they have a promotional campaign on Indiegogo, and are offering ebook perks for everyone who donates as little as $1.

More Information can be found at the publisher's original post.

This particular publisher is also one of my friends, so if you happen to be looking for ebooks, I'd really appreciate it if you checked her campaign out. :) There's a lot of genres available to choose from.

She also has a couple of anthologies open for submissions; if anyone writes fairytales or dark spec/horror, the details can be found on the publisher's website.

LJI: Pingbacks -- Oops, Sorry!

Hey Everyone,

I made a list of contestants by topic last night, to see who had what topic (just in case Gary does the thing where we flip topics and change partners, I already have a framework table set up now, I just have to fill in the new partners). I meant to make it private (it's not quite done, just mostly), but I missed that, so I'm afraid the entire list of contestants is probably getting pingback notices; I had changed it to private as soon as I noticed, but it doesn't appear to have helped any.

Anyway, sorry about that, I did not mean to disrupt anyone's morning!

LJIdol: Table of Intersections, Week One

This is a table of intersection partners for week one of LJI Exhibit B.

Collapse )

Help with typos and pairings I missed would be appreciated, and I apologize to anyone whose name I have inadvertently spelled wrong. (I've corrected three already, and switched to copy and paste to try to prevent further occurences, but please say something if there are more.)

To those of you who are new -- if you want to PM someone and ask for a partner, it's totally allowed. A lot of people do use the public posts, but some folks will be shy and/or late to the party. And the worse that can happen is that they've already been taken, and every time I've had that happen the other person was very nice about it -- and I've had it happen plenty of times. :)

ETA: talon also has a spreadsheet list, to which he has kindly allowed me to link.

IRL: Dear Carisha

Dear Carisha Kitty-Cat,

I love you too, but I have to admit your affection is somewhat spoiled when you walk up beside my head, start purring, wait for me to move my head and look at you and say, "Awwww!" and then turn three circles and lay down in the middle of my pillow.

Wondering if you love the pillow more (and also how devious a kitty can be!),


LJI: Exhibit B

Okay, once again, I have no idea if signups are still open. If not, cool, I'm already in under an alt.

But originally I didn't want to do two accounts, as limited space, etc, etc. But then there were not a lot of people signing up?

So this is my tentative 'I am posting a 'Can I join if there is room but please don't exclude anyone' comment' post. (Is that too much nesting of quotes?)

Found Elsewhere: CALYX Contest

CALYX Press is having a Flash Fiction contest for female-identified writers.

Mind, I don't know much about them -- I stumbled across it looking for something completely different, and I've never heard of them before. But it looked like something that some of y'all might be interested in, and it says no entry fee, so I thought I'd post the link and anyone who wanted to could check into it themselves. :)

IRL: Fae Fatales -- Two Days Left!

Hey everyone,

There are two days left to get Fae Fatales through the Indiegogo campaign, which comes with the additional perks -- currently a set of postcard prints of the artwork and a poetry chapbook from our editor, Jax Goss. So if you've been meaning to and not gotten around to it, now's the time.

We're still about $250 shy of having artwork for all ten stories; right now we have enough for six.


P.S. Internet has been in and out since late Monday/early Tuesday-ish; if I vanish, nobody panic, it's just technical difficulties. :P

P.P.S. Someone asked me earlier -- so far as I know, the book will still be available for purchase after the end of the campaign, you'll just need to get it through the publisher rather than through Indiegogo. The campaign perks will not be included after the end of the campaign, though. (And if anyone wants further details on how to get it later, let me know and I'll ask and get back to you.)